Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Trumping Trump: a proposal for my fellow children's book authors

This is an idea I got while working on today's Storystorm assignment. It's a way we children's book authors can make a statement against the President-Elect and all that he is and represents, while also in fact fighting against those things in the next generation of voters. This is how it would work:
  • We write as many books as we can whose titles fit the general pattern of "X Trumps Y". For example, "Love Trumps Hate", or "Hope Trumps Fear". 
  • They can also be grammatical variants on the formula. For example, a non-fiction account of the election of Barack Obama might be titled, "When Hope Trumped Fear." Or a book about the fight for marriage equality (or an historical account of some specific non-traditional marriage) might be titled, "When Love Trumped Hate." As long as the word Trump is in there somewhere.
  • The books would not necessarily be political (and should probably mostly not be) but should uphold those values that contribute to the progress of civilization. (You can see a list of possibilities in my previous blog post.)
  • The books would not reference the man Donald Trump at all, beyond using the word "trump".
The best thing about this idea to me is that we should probably be writing more of these kinds of books anyway, whatever their titles are. The biggest lesson of the election to me was that my fellow Americans are more fearful of the Other and more tired of maintaining civility than I would ever have guessed. We need to reach out to them with positive messages about how we can all make progress together as a society.

So what do you think, my fellow writers? Can we, should we, do this? Please give me your thoughts in the comments, and if you think this is a good idea, please pass it along to other children's writers you know!

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