Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Storystorm Success!

There they are, another 30 rough first drafts (some of them partial) to add to the 30 from PiBoIdMo 2015. I'd like, as I did last year, to thank Tara Lazar and her guest bloggers for helping make this possible. Without their daily prompts, there's no way I could have done this.

Here's a breakdown of the stories I wrote this month:

Ursula the City Bear

A character-driven series I'm quite excited about, featuring a bear who decides to try living in the city. The primary joke is how (almost) nobody sees through her very thin disguise, and most of the stories contain major or minor plot elements where she has to deal with the danger of being found out.

Ursula the City Bear, Ursula Goes to the Doctor, Ursula Goes to the Zoo, Ursula Saves a Park, Ursula Saves the Day

Alphabet or Word Play

Poetry (or very poetic non-narrative prose)

Twists on Classic Stories (or on the picture book form itself)

Historical Fiction

The Night of the Giants (The London Blitz)


Needless to say, the state of the Union was very much on my mind all this month, and these worries inspired some of my day's stories, as well as a call to my fellow writers to "trump Trump".

Love Trumps HateWhen Hope Trumped Fear (story of Obama's political career), When Love Trumped Hate (same sex marriage victory), A Very Scary Story (climate change), The Backward President (guess who!), The Backward King (a probably more publishable fairy tale version of The Backward President)

General Fiction

When it Rained Cats and DogsZuzu's Zen GardenOtter WrecksThe Girl who Caught the MoonPiano LessonSebastian Quartermaine Longfellow (a possible character-driven series inspired by Peter Rabbit), Larry's Late DayLostMachine LearningThe Best Magician Ever

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