Saturday, January 7, 2017

Storystorm Day #7: Piano Lesson

I was rather directly inspired by Jennifer Arena's Storystorm blog post today. "Be Big! Be Small! Be Any Size at All!" says Jennifer, and so I wrote almost a complete first draft of a story about a girl who gets shrunk to about an inch tall and explores the inside of her piano. I didn't manage a complete draft, because I've realized I don't know that much about how a piano works, and that's what most interests the girl (who likes building things and figuring out how machines work.) So I've got some research ahead of me.

In the meantime, here's an excerpt from the draft as it stands now. She's just been accidentally swept up into the air by her sister, who was dusting the piano, and is about to fall into the open mouth of her yawning dog!
Just as she was about to fall into Petunia’s mouth, the front door flew open again, and another gust of wind blew her up, up, up into the air. For a moment, the whole room was a swirl of lights and shadows, and then Madeleine was lying on the sofa, her full size again!

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