Friday, January 6, 2017

Storystorm Day #6: It is Winter

Today, I decided to extend a series of poems I began last PiBoIdMo. This was the first one, and this was the second. As you can see, each poem has a rather elaborate metrical pattern, and tripled rhyming lines that pose riddles that are answered by single short lines that produce an almost hypnotic effect. The first poem was about the moon and the second one was about the dawn. Today's was about winter.

As with the first two, I didn't write a complete first draft of this one, but I think that's okay, given the complexity of the pattern. As before, I've decided it's sufficient to get at least one stanza to a fairly finished state to show the potential of the form, and then write at least a couple of lines or parts of lines for the remaining stanzas, so at least the framework of the poem is complete.

As before, I'll share the most polished stanza, though it's still far from perfect.
What is that breathing asleep below ground?
A twitching of thought, and a whisker of sound?
A presence below that can never be found?
It is the hare.

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