Monday, January 30, 2017

Storystorm Day #30: The Best Magician Ever

I made it to day 30 again! 30 days, 30 rough first drafts. (Albeit some of them only partial drafts.)

I'm thankful this year, as I was last year, for Tara Lazar and her guest bloggers. I could not have done this without their daily prompts.

This year, however, there were fewer blog posts that took the form of writing prompts. Sometimes, they were more general in scope, and on those days, I needed the help of two other mechanisms: First, the fact that one of my stories (Ursula the City Bear) turned very easily into a picture book series, and second, a second grader friend of mine that I play with from time to time. She's super imaginative, and from our play alone, I got two ideas for stories earlier this month, as well as today's final Storystorm installment.

In today's story, a girl's parents hire what seems to be a terrible magician for her birthday party. He does a card trick using a deck with just one card, and still guesses wrong about what card was picked. He pulls out a stuffed rabbit that was clearly already stuffed into his hat ahead of time. His disappearing act fails to vanish his volunteer. It seems like he's the worst magician ever -- but the show isn't quite over yet!

Here's how it begins:
Maggie loved magicians, and begged to have one for her birthday party. 
Every day for a whole week, she asked her parents, “Are you sure you got the magician? Is he going to be a good one?” and they would reply, “Don’t worry, we got you the best magician ever.” 
When the big day came, she watched at the window until he arrived. 
“The magician is here! The magician is here!”

“I will begin with a card trick,” said the magician. “Pick a card!”

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