Sunday, January 29, 2017

Storystorm Day #29: The Backward King

This is an attempt to turn my super political (and super cathartic) day #27 story into something that might really have a chance of being published. I changed the "backward president' into a backward prince, who is all fun and games until he inherits his father's throne:
The backward king’s first pronouncement was, “Small is big!” And his subjects laughed as he ordered his builders to make him the biggest throne ever seen, even though he was in fact a small, small man. 
“That’s our backward king!” they said fondly to one another. 
But then, the backward king said, “Ignorance is strength,” and proceeded to name the least educated people he could find to be his advisors, and his subjects began say to one another, “This might not be so fun, after all.”

As the backward king and his ignorant advisors issued one backward pronouncement after another -- wealth is goodness! left-handed people are evil! women are the property of men! -- the kingdom fell into chaos and ruin, and his subjects began to ask each other how they could correct their backward king.
I wasn't able to complete a first draft of this story, because I couldn't figure out how the people of the kingdom finally manage to solve their problem. The last line I wrote was, "What were they to do?"

If you have any ideas about how to dethrone a backward king, please let me (and the Democratic Party) know! Thank you.

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