Saturday, January 28, 2017

Storystorm Day #28: In which I Collaborate with Myself

Today's Storystorm blog post by Audrey Vernick and Liz Garton Scanlon made me want to try some collaborative brainstorming to come up with a story to write for the day, but unfortunately, as a mere nom de plume (if you didn't already know that about me, I hope it doesn't come as too big a shock to you!) I can't dance, teeter totter, or brainstorm (in person, anyway) with anybody else. So, I decided to brainstorm with myself!

I chose a random sentence from three random stories I've written so far this month, and used them to inspire a new story. And it (mostly) worked!

Here are the three sentences that came up:
Ursula taught her houseguests how to cross streets, and catch buses, and eat with knives and forks. (from "Ursula Goes to the Zoo", day #13)
The computers are doing very well.  (from "Lost", day #21)
“Is the rake my first magic wand?” asked Zuzu. (from "Zuzu's Zen Garden", day #2)
What I made from them was a story about a boy who starts teaching his computer how to do all kinds of things, in gratitude for how much his computer has taught him. The problem is, I have no idea where this story might go. I wrote the beginning and the beginning of a middle, but couldn't think of a problem that might arise or a twist that might occur at that point. So all I can claim for today is a partial first draft.

Here's an excerpt from the story. It's actually the last bit of the story I have. I don't know where to go from here:
When his family went camping, he asked if he could bring his computer along. 
“Sal sure loves that computer,” his father said. 
“He’s learned an awful a lot from it,” said his mother. 
Out in the woods, Sal’s computer taught him all the types of trees around their campsite, and he taught it how to fish. 
His computer taught him how to string a hammock, and he taught it how to swim. 
Late one night, Sal’’s computer taught him where to find the North Star, and he taught it about s’mores.
And that's where I'm at. If anyone would like to collaborate with a fiction, please let me know your suggestions for what might happen next!

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