Saturday, January 21, 2017

Storystorm Day #21: Lost

I decided to have another go at Tammi Sauer's Day #4"What If?" chart, since it produced such great results the first time: not just a promising character-driven story, but one that led to three subsequent sequels.

This time, the spinner came up alien...loses something, and I wrote half a story about an alien who finishes his survey trip of the Earth and is getting ready to return to his home planet, when he realizes he's lost his map. Just for kicks, I wrote it in the first person, in the form of a log or report he sends back to his home planet.

Now, I've been trying to write complete (albeit very rough) first drafts of each idea I get this month, but you'll notice I said I only wrote a half draft of this one. The reason for this is that halfway through the story, my alien still hadn't lost his map, and I was beginning to wonder if he would or should after all. I really enjoyed writing about his adventures up to the point where he loses the map, and am now wondering if I should just keep him on Earth a little longer.

Anyway, that's a problem for me to solve post Storystorm. Meanwhile, here's a snippet from near the beginning of the story:
The dolphins taught me the longest song in the world. Only the whales have the patience to sing it all the way through, and boy do they have a lot of it, because they sing it over and over again. The dolphins are always humming bits of it to themselves, because they can’t get the tune out of their heads.

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