Monday, January 2, 2017

Storystorm Day #2: Zuzu's Zen Garden

Inspired by Tara Lazar's Day #2 prompt about mindfulness, I wrote the rough draft of a picture book story about the daughter of a witch receiving, on her tenth birthday (which is the birthday when witches' give their daughters their first magical gifts) a plain and unmagical Zen Garden. (You know, those boxes of sand that you set on your desktop and arrange with a little wooden rake.) Needless to say, she's very disappointed, until she's accidentally shrunk to the size of an ant by an errant spell and has to spend months and months living in her Zen Garden, developing habits of mindfulness that last her the rest of her life.
“Is it magical sand that turns into anything I command?” asked Zulu.
“No,” said her mother. “The sand is just sand.”
“Is the rake my first magic wand?” asked Zulu.
“No,” said her mother. “You use it to arrange the sand.”
“If I arrange the sand just right, does it spell out magical incantations that call spirits to guide me and help me?” asked Zuzu.
“No,” said her mother. “Once you arrange the sand, you just look at it.”

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