Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Storystorm Day #17: When Love Trumped Hate

I only had to read the first sentence of today's Storystorm blog post by Laurie Ann Thompson to be inspired to write another of the "X Trumps Y" stories that I hope to persuade my fellow children's book authors to also start writing.

So far, I've written an account of Barack Obama's political career called, When Hope Trumped Fear, and a kind of poem or sequence of sayings called, Love Trumps Hate. Today, I wrote a story on the topic of same sex marriage called, When Love Trumped Hate.

It tells the story of two girls from the time they become friends in kindergarten, to when they fall in love in high school, to the day they are finally allowed to get married. Here's a snippet from the high school section:
Everybody at the prom was shocked when Bern and Bett walked into the gym hand in hand. Some kids became quite angry, and were about to yell something mean or do something awful. But fortunately, at that particular time, in that particular place, love trumped hate. Some friends of Bern and Bett began to applaud, and others joined them. Soon, almost everybody was cheering.
I'll probably write more of these "X Trumps Y" stories, and I hope other writers will attempt them, too. Mine may never get published, but others' may, and I think it would be marvelous if, over the course of the next four years, one "X Trumps Y" story after another were to appear in America's bookstores!

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