Monday, January 16, 2017

Storystorm Day #16: When Hope Trumped Fear

Today, I decided to do another "X Trumps Y" story. "When Hope Trumped Fear" is my account of Barack Obama's political career, beginning with his election to the Illinois state senate and ending with his victory in getting Obamacare passed. I employ a pattern of repetition, where at each stage of the story, I describe the next step Obama wanted to take, talk about why it was a scary proposition (to him or to the Democratic Party or to the voters) and then repeat the refrain, "But hope trumped fear," and go o to narrate his victory.

Here's a sample, my account of his winning the Democratic primary:

The Democratic Party had a difficult decision to make. Many were afraid that someone so new to politics would not be able to win the presidential election. But hope trumped fear, and the Democratic Party chose Barack to be their candidate.

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