Sunday, January 15, 2017

Storystorm Day #15: The Stone Soup Swindle

Today I created a twist on the classic stone soup story. In my version, three thieves intend to use the trick to convince some villagers that they have a magic pot, and then sell it to the village "for a tidy sum." What they don't realize is that the ogres who live in the village naturally eat stone!

The thieves set up their pot.
A poor ogre farmer wandered by.
“What’s that you’re cooking?” asked the honest soul.
“Stone soup!” replied the thieves.
“My favorite!” cried the ogre. “Were you thinking that you’d like to share?”
The thieves were astounded.
“I’ll tell you what,” the ogre offered. “I’ll pitch in myself.”
And from his sack, the ogre brought out a hefty chunk of granite, and tossed it in the pot.

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