Saturday, January 14, 2017

Storystorm Day #14: Ursula Forever?

Wow, yet another Ursula story. I'm not sure when this well will run dry!

Today, Ursula possibly runs for city council, but definitely saves a park. She learns that a local park she loves is about to be turned into a parking lot, and gives an impassioned speech before the city council that changes their minds and helps save the park. At that point, I was planning to have a political operative, impressed with her speech, ask her to run for city council in the next election, but my word count was up to about 300 by then, and now I'm debating whether it might be better to write just another 100-200 to round this story off as one just about Ursula saving the park. I had planned on visiting all sorts of small details about running for political office (producing ads, kissing babies, debating opponents, etc.) and I'm worried now that that could take me close to 1000 words.

Anyway, here's an excerpt from the draft as it now stands:
Sometimes, she missed her old woodland home. On those days, she went to the park.
There, she could almost forget she was living in the city.
Sometimes, she foraged for berries like she used to. Or waited patiently to catch a fish.

But she would quickly return to her city life. She didn’t want to live in the woods again. She just wanted to visit a small piece of it once in a while.
You know, I think I will make this a story about saving a park only. That way, I can write another Ursula story about running for office tomorrow!

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