Friday, January 13, 2017

Storystorm Day #13: Ursula Goes to the Zoo

Storystorm is turning into Bear Bash for me. Today, I wrote my third Ursula the City Bear story. This time, Ursula visits a zoo and meets up with some fellow bears who got a little stir-crazy and escaped from their cage. So Ursula does the polite thing: she invites them to crash with her in the big city!

Here's a big chunk of it:
The zoo was amazing.
There were goats, and elephants, and exotic birds.
There were alligators, and a panda, and even butterflies.
And what was even more amazing, they all seemed happy.
Ursula even asked some of them directly.
The lion was happy to be fed regularly. She’d gone hungry most days when she lived in the wild.
The turtle didn’t care where he lived. He could sit on a rock and daydream anywhere.
The monkeys thought it was the people who were in cages! They loved watching their antics.
Ursula began to feel better about the idea of a zoo, but suddenly, alarms began to sound!

“Ma’am? Everybody needs to leave as quickly as possible. The bears have escaped from their cage!”
I'm thinking more and more that this could make a great picture book series. I wonder how many more I'll write before the month is over?

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