Thursday, January 12, 2017

Storystorm Day #12: Ursula Goes to the Doctor

Today I decided to write a sequel to the story I wrote on day #4 about a bear who decides to live in the city. I thought at the time that it might make for a good series, and I believe it even more now. In this installment, Ursula gets sick and has to see a doctor, and fears that a medical expert will surely be able to see through her disguise and discover that she's a bear.
She shows up at the doctor's office, and things don't go well. Her weight, height, pulse rate, and blood pressure are all wrong for a human, and then the doctor wants to take a blood sample!
Ursula was sure she’d be discovered now. She’d have to leave the city and go back to the woods. She’d never attend another opera, or eat another street vendor hot dog. She’d never take in another beautiful painting, or get a chance to discuss Moby Dick.
Then she got an idea.
Does her idea work? Does she manage to go undetected and continue living in the city she loves? Believe it or not, the answers will actually surprise you!

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