Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Storystorm Day #11: Love Trumps Hate

Chana Stiefel suggested scanning the headlines for story ideas today, and boy was the timing of her blog post...potent! The news was dominated by Obama's farewell address, Trump's first press conference since being elected, and the revelations about Trump's...uh...Russian misadventures? All of this combined to give me an idea that wasn't exactly a twist on any particular headline, but something I just had to write whether or not it turns out to be good material for a picture book. (And that turned into an even bigger idea I'll describe in my next post.)

What I wrote today, inspired by the campaign meme, "Love Trumps Hate", was a series of sentences that take the form "X trumps Y". I wrote 16 of them all together, which seems the right number for a complete picture book, depending on how it's laid out. The idea is that each statement would come with artwork that somehow illustrated it. It might be an extended tableau or series of scenes, or maybe the statements would get reversed ("Y is trumped by X") so that the worse state could be illustrated first, followed by an illustration of the better way.

I usually just share an excerpt from the rough first drafts I've been writing each day of Storystorm, but today I'm going to make an exception. Here are all 14 of the "X trumps Y" statements I've come up with so far:
Love trumps hate.
Hope trumps fear.
Understanding trumps ignorance.
Science trumps superstition.
Books trump bombs.
Peace trumps war.
Generosity trumps greed.
Kindness trumps cruelty.
Doors trump walls.
Truth trumps lies.
Humility trumps arrogance.
Doing trumps bragging.
Learning trumps pretending.
Openness trumps stubbornness.
Progress trumps backwardness.
Solidarity trumps all.
But now, please check out the big idea for all of us children's writers that I got from this one!

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