Monday, January 2, 2017

Storystorm Day #1: Cats and Dogs

I completely forgot about Day #1 of Storystorm!

I did register the day before it started, but then New Years Day came, and this happened and that had to be done, and I didn't think of it again until past midnight.

Anyway, here's my belated Day #1 entry. This year, as with PiBoIdMo the November before last, I'm not only coming up with one picture book idea per day, but also writing a rough first draft for it.

Fortunately, this first idea was easy. Before even reading Deb Lund's Storystorm prompt (which I'll now save for -- dare I say it? -- a rainy day) just from her title (and, of course, Tara Lazar's new name for this event) I got an idea for a story where it rains cats and dogs -- literally.

The grownups hate it (cue an illustration of snow plows clearing the driveways of piled up cats and dogs) but the children love it. (They have cat ball fights, and sled down Siamese Hill.) And in the end, every household gets about twenty new pets.

Here's my favorite line from the rough draft I just wrote:
On TV that night, the weatherman said, “Ninety percent chance of chihuahuas in the morning.”

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