Tuesday, December 1, 2015

PiBoIdMo 2015: Mission Accomplished!

Success! I not only fulfilled the basic goal of PiBoIdMo, coming up with one new picture book idea every day for the 30 days of November, but wrote first drafts for each of them as well, as I set out to do. I now have 30 first drafts to work on through the coming year!

I can't adequately express my gratitude to the authors, illustrators, and editors who wrote the daily PiBoIdMo blog posts. I only came up with ideas on my own four times this month, and most of those were sequels to stories I wrote earlier in the month. The other 26 times, I was inspired by that day's post. And I'm especially grateful to Tara Lazar, who got the idea that launched a thousand other ideas.

Here are all the stories I wrote this month:

The Three Me's

A series of stories about a Jewish girl, an Iranian girl, and a black boy who just moved into the same small town and become friends on their first day of school together.

The Three Me's, The Three Me's Celebrate Thanksgiving, Mina In America

Night and Day

Two fantasy stories featuring anthropomorphized Night and Day taking a break from their usual duties.

When Night Took a Vacation, When Day Took a Vacation

"What is that unblinking eye on the night?
As cold as a whisper and silent as sight?
As old as the hills and as sudden as light?"
It Is The Moon, It Is The Dawn

More Fantasy
"If the night dragons cry, we never see it. They spend their hours gliding so silently through the woods, a nightingale can fly right by them and never know it."
The Door in the Yard, Do Dragons Cry?, The LineTom the Two Headed BoyTall Tina, Sally Talks Back, The Great Forgetful

Real Life

Realistic stories, plus the one non-fiction story I attempted, about a Muslim 9/11 hero.

Mohammad Salman Hamdani: A 9/11 Hero, When Aunt Martha Passed AwayWhere Babies Come FromFlowers For GrandmaDrawing a BlankGive Us a Hug!, Foster Annie, Stanley's Safe SpaceTodd's New LifeClara's Questions

And the rest: 
"Kooky kangaroo karate kids kicking kettles!"
A Witch in Slime, Hello, Mr. Turtle!, Alphabet ZooIn The Bag, Goodnight Spoon, Puffy's Quest

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