Sunday, November 8, 2015

PiBoIdMo Day #8: It is the Moon

Today's PiBoIdMo blog post was about words that popped into writer Samantha Berger's head, that when she began to write them down, came out in rhyme. For a while now, lines in a certain metrical pattern and rhyme scheme have been going around and around in my mind, and I decided to take Samantha's post as the sign that I should finally try writing them down.

What I ended up with were eight stanzas that followed this pattern: three lines of anapestic tetrameter that all rhymed with each other and posed a kind of riddle, followed by a single short prosy line that gave the answer. The sound of it is magical, chant-like. I know it's hard to imagine it just from this description, but you'll see an example below.

Not all the stanzas are complete. Some are missing lines, and some are missing words or phrases, and some of them don't rhyme yet, but together, they form the skeleton of the picture book that will some day be.

The first stanza is pretty good right now, however. It's made of most of the lines, rhythms, and rhymes that have been cycling through my head, and so it's naturally further along than the new lines I wrote out just today. This doesn't mean it can't change in future revisions. It just means that, as it stands right now, it feels like a finished stanza to me.

Here it is:
What is that unblinking eye in the night?
As cold as a whisper and silent as sight?
As old as the hills and as sudden as light?

It is the moon.
If I can get the remaining seven stanzas sounding this good, I'll really have something!

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