Saturday, November 7, 2015

PiBoIdMo Day #7: Puffy's Quest

Those PiBoIdMo blog posts keep giving me the ideas! Today's post by Jessixa Bagley didn't directly inspire an idea, but it did lead me to review a list I've made over the years of lines and phrases I might put into a story or a poem some day, and even though none of them were intended for children's literature, I did find this line, "her cheeks puffed out like a squirrel who didn’t trust any of its hiding places," and ended up writing a 510 word first draft of a story about a city squirrel who has a mouthful of nuts and is trying to figure out where to hide them, but there are no good places in the city, and so he goes around asking his friends for advice, but because his mouth is full, they keep mishearing him and answering completely different questions.

Here's an excerpt:
He ran all the way to the outskirts of the city to ask a skunk he knew, “Do you know any good hiding places?” But this time, it came out “Da ya na ah-ah gah ha-ha pa-hah?”

“Why, thank you for asking,” replied the skunk. “I believe I have quite gotten over my cold from last week, and am feeling much better today!”

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