Friday, November 6, 2015

PiBoIdMo Day #6: The Three Me's Celebrate Thanksgiving

I'm cheating today! Instead of coming up with a brand new idea, I wrote a 455 word sequel to The Three Me's. I have a feeling I'm going to be doing this more than once before the end of PiBoIdMo!

In this second installment, the Three Me's celebrate Thanksgiving together, and I continue to explore their differences. Each of their parents contribute one ethnic dish to the meal, and the bulk of the story is devoted to the food. I'm imagining a whole double page spread just showing the cranberry apple kugel in all its glory! And I'm betting that this will be the first English language picture book to ever portray an Iranian tahdig.

Beyond that, though, I reveal a new human difference: Mina has a father and mother, but Damien has two mothers, and Amy's father is a single parent. I don't make a big deal of this. They are simply there in the story.

Here's an excerpt from the end of the story, when each set of parents reflects on how they came to America and what they're thankful for:
Suddenly, the grownups got really quiet, and the Three Me’s stopped their chatter to hear what was being said.

“Both my parents and Amy’s mother’s parents escaped from Germany just in time as children,” Amy’s father was saying. “If they hadn't, we might never have been born. We’re very thankful to be here.”

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