Thursday, November 5, 2015

PiBoIdMo Day #5: When Aunt Martha Passed Away

I got another idea today, inspired once again by the day's PiBoIdMo blog post by David Michael Slater, but this time, I didn't quite complete a first draft. My idea was a child misunderstanding a common phrase, only the phrase in this case is "passed away". So it's not exactly a light-hearted romp!

Lily hears that her Aunt Martha has passed away, but doesn't know what that means, and spends the rest of the story trying to imagine it in terms of passing a food dish at the table, or passing exams and graduating, or passing out, or cars passing each other, and even passing gas!

I got stuck, though, on the final scene of the story: Aunt Martha's funeral, when Lily will presumably finally understand what was meant. Or will she? I have no idea, and feel like this is one of those puzzles it's best to file away in my subconscious for a while. And so, today I fell short of my mission, though I'm more than happy with what I produced.

Here's an excerpt:
That evening at dinner, when her father asked her to pass the rice, she wondered if that’s what he meant. She imagined Aunt Martha passing someone a bowl of rice, and then a plate of chicken, and then a dish of broccoli...and THEN, accidentally passing away something valuable, like a pile of money, or her dog Chi-Chi, or the hat she always wore to parties.

That would make her sad for sure!
On to day six!

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