Tuesday, November 3, 2015

PiBoIdMo Day #3: The Three Me's

Grace Lin's blog post describing a picture book series about characters that look the same but not exactly inspired my story for today: "The Three Me's", about three children who are different from each other in every way, but become friends.

Here's an excerpt from the 473 word first draft:
When Amy's father came to pick her up after school, she told him they had to wait for her friends.

When Damien appeared with his mother, he asked, “Is Mina here yet?”

When Mina arrived, the friends told their parents, “Wait! We have to do something first!”

"I'm AiMEE!"

"I'm DaMEEen!"

"I'm MEEna!"

"We're the Three Me's!"
Amy is white, while Damien is black, and Mina is Iranian. They only meet and become friends in this first story, but I feel this could become a series in which they explore their differences and similarities. For example, this is not in the story but I have it in my mind that Amy is Jewish, Damien is Christian, and Mina is Muslim, so I can see future stories where they visit each other's places of worship.

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