Friday, November 27, 2015

PiBoIdMo Day #27: Where Babies Come From

I decided to skip today's PiBoIdMo blog post and instead, go back to the one David Michael Slater wrote way back on Day #5, because after yesterday's fun with old sayings, I wanted to do some more playing with words. Inspired by his story about the five year old who misheard "ring bearer" at a wedding, I wrote a story about a girl who mishears EVERYTHING about how babies are conceived and born.

Here's the juiciest bit:
When a father and mother love each other very much, they hug in a special way: the mother makes an oval, and the father squirms inside it. Then they have to deceive the baby. Not all mothers can deceive babies. Some are too old, and some are in Fresno. Sometimes, when a mother and father can’t deceive a baby on their own, they have to use artful impersonation.

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