Thursday, November 26, 2015

PiBoIdMo Day #26: A Witch In Slime

Today, Pat Zielow Miller blogged about how an actress got a part because she noticed a rolling grape on the subway train, and then about how she herself got an idea for a picture book from some nonsense words that popped into her head one day. Well, while reading about the rolling grape, these words popped into my head: "...gathers no sauce," and I decided to try making them into a story.

What I ended up with was not a story about a rolling grape, but a book of twisted old sayings. I thought of about 20 to do, which should be enough for a picture book if some of them are spread across two pages, but I've only had time to think of clever twists for seven of them, which I think is enough to qualify as a first draft on Thanksgiving Day.

Here's a sampler of three. See if you can guess the original sayings they came from!
A hole in spoon gathers no sauce

A third grader’s candy’s worth two hundred bucks

A witch in slime says, “Fine!”

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