Tuesday, November 24, 2015

PiBoIdMo Day #24: The Great Forgetful

Today, I took Jesse Klausmeier's suggestion to brainstorm ideas through notecards, but I cheated by using her cards! Or actually, only one of them, because as soon as I picked the "magician" card for my character, I got an idea for an absent-minded magician who's always forgetting his spells.

Here's an excerpt from the middle of the first draft I wrote:
“Why don’t you try the trick again with me,” said his friend Susan, “and then maybe you’ll remember the right words.”

“Thank you!” said The Great Forgetful, and he made her disappear lickity-split. However, he still couldn’t remember the words to bring her back.

“Hokey pokey! Hullaballoo! Dum-Ditty-Doo!”

He tried again and again with the rest of his friends, but even though he could make them each disappear, that didn’t help him remember the words for bringing them back. Then, suddenly, he was all alone!

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