Saturday, November 21, 2015

PiBoIdMo Day #21: Flowers For Grandma

In today's PiBoIdMo blog post, Nancy Tupper Ling begins with a Mary Oliver quote about the importance of observation, and later talks about an idea she got while driving down the highway. That got me thinking about an observation I've made while driving down highways, that there are often the prettiest wildflowers sprinkled among the ugly weeds by the roadside. So I started writing a story about a girl who loves flowers, but then it turned into a story about a girl who loves her grandmother. And then her grandmother passes away! I was surprised by how far the idea traveled from this opening scene:
Every month when her family goes to visit Grandma, Frannie looks out the car window at the flowers growing by the side of the freeway. In one special place, next to the big radio antenna, there are always so many, even though they are surrounded by dried up weeds. Purple and white and yellow: so tiny, and yet so bright! Did someone plant them there? Does someone come to water them every day?

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