Friday, November 20, 2015

PiBoIdMo Day #20: It is the Dawn

Instead of using today's PiBoIdMo prompt, I decided to write another sequel. This time, it's a sequel to "It is the Moon", the poem I wrote in response to Samantha Berger's blog post on day #8 of PiBoIdMo.

"It is the Dawn", like that first poem, is in a very rough first draft. I have one good stanza, and then seven others that are missing some lines or some rhymes or beats, but the basic plan of the poem is there.

This time, the one good stanza I have is not the first, but the last:
What is that fullness that swells with the light?
The tug that you hold by a string like a kite?
That soars like a bird in delirious flight?

It is your heart.

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