Monday, November 2, 2015

PiBoIdMo Day #2: Hello, Mr. Turtle!

My idea for the second day of PiBoIdMo was inspired by this blog post by Josh Funk, who suggests starting with a "bad" or "impossible" idea. My bad idea is a picture book where every illustration is practically the same, and where practically nothing happens, and where practically nothing is said. As I planned to do this month, I've written a complete first draft for it already, and it begins like this:




are you going

in such

a hurry



Get it? Every page will show the turtle hardly having moved from the last page at all, and the words are spread out so they should be read VERY SLOWLY. The whole first draft is only 95 words, but they're divided up into 56 lines, an average of fewer than two words per line. To really do this right, this should be made into a 56 page picture book with one line per page, or even 112 if each page is a full two page spread so you have to turn a page for every line. Which is another impossibility!

Or is it?

On to day 3!

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