Wednesday, November 18, 2015

PiBoIdMo Day #18: In the Bag

In today's PiBoIdMo blog post, Liza Woodruff mentioned one of the terrible ideas she came up with during PiBoIdMo 2011: a pretzel named Rod who escapes from the pretzel factory. I decided to try using Rod in a story of my own, and what I came up with was the story of a straight pretzel stuck in a bag of twisted pretzels who's looked down on by the others because he's the exact opposite of their ideal of what a pretzel should be. But then the bag is bought by someone throwing a party, and on the snack table, Rod encounters a whole bowl of pretzels that are shaped like him and realizes he was perfect all along.

Well, maybe this story is a "stinker" too, but it was fun to write!

Here's an excerpt:
One day, the bag was bought.

What’s more, it was bought for a party.

A party!

That was the best end the pretzels could imagine.

No growing stale in a cupboard.

No being scarfed down in one night by one hungry person.

No going five at a time into a school lunch day after day.

At a party, there would be other snacks to compete against.

At a party, there would be dozens of eaters, picking and choosing.

At a party, there would be dips.


This was the Big Time.

And Rod was going to miss it.

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