Monday, November 16, 2015

PiBoIdMo Day #16: Mina in America

One of Katya Szewczuk's PiBoIdMo prompts today was to think about an existing character's back story, and I decided to expand that into a full-length prequel to a story I wrote earlier this month.

"The Three Me's" was the story of a white girl, a black boy, and an Iranian girl who all move into the same new town and become friends on their first day at their new school. Today's first draft tells the story of the Iranian girl leading right up to the opening scene of "The Three Me's".

Here's an excerpt from the middle of the story, when the girl is thinking wistfully about the life she left behind:
All her friends are back in Iran. They used to play in the park and sleep over at each other’s houses. They used to celebrate the Sacrifice Feast and the Breaking of the Fast together. Their parents called them “The Seven Butterflies” because they were always flitting from one flower to another.

Here at her new school, all the children look the same, and they do not look like her.

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