Sunday, November 15, 2015

PiBoIdMo Day #15: The Door in the Yard

In today's PiBoIdMo blog post, Carter Higgins suggests "reverse engineering" a story by beginning with the final effect or "about about" you want to achieve, and then constructing a story that results in that.

The "about" I decided on was the idea of walking through figurative doors no matter how scary they might be. In other words, seizing opportunities, or embracing change. Being open to What Comes Next.

The story I created for this involves a literal door that magically appears in a child's backyard one day. Here are both the beginning the ending of my 184 word first draft:

There was a door in the backyard.

It wasn’t there the day before.

No one else seemed to see it.

But it was there.

There was nothing behind it.

Or was there?
There is a door in the backyard.

Not everyone can see it.

It’s a little scary.

It can be opened.

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