Friday, November 13, 2015

PiBoIdMo Day #13: The Line

In today's PiBoIdMo blog post, Sarvinder Naberhaus talks about how lines inspire her.
When I think that a true line goes on forever in both directions, farther than the Hubble Telescope, on to eternity, that fills my mind with wonder.
So, for my idea and first draft for today, I wrote a 334 word story about a girl who finds a line running through her house and follows it out of the house, out of her city, off the earth, past the planets and the stars, and out of the galaxy!

Here's an excerpt:
Stella wondered whose it was.

She began to follow it. She was sure that when she got to its end, she’d find its owner.

It led through the kitchen and out the back door.

It led across the backyard and over the neighbors’ pool.

It led through the streets and out of the city.

After a while, it began getting higher and higher.

It went right through a tree...and then through a cloud!

It left the Earth and passed by the Moon.
I think more could be done with the little details along the way, but that can wait for the next draft, or maybe that'll be mostly a job for the illustrations.

We're almost half way through this!

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