Thursday, November 12, 2015

PiBoIdMo Day #12: When Day Took a Vacation

I couldn't use today's PiDoIdMo prompt by Denise Fleming because I already went through my list of lines and phrases once, on day #7, and I couldn't find anything else there that would work for a picture book, so instead, I did a sequel to the very first story I wrote this month.

This was bound to happen, as a story titled "When Night Took a Vacation" pretty much begs for a follow up, "When Day Took a Vacation"! And that's what I wrote.

Here's an excerpt:
Day had a wonderful vacation. She visited her sister on Venus and her very smart cousin on Mercury. She visited everyone’s grandmother, the Sun. She spent time with both Day and Night on Pluto, and could barely tell them apart.

After a while, though, she began missing her home. She missed the tall pines and their endless game to see who could come closest to touching the sky. She missed how the clouds - not just any clouds, but her clouds - would drift through the air like lost countries in a story. She missed seeing her face in a thousand ponds and lakes.

She decided it was time to end her vacation.

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