Wednesday, November 11, 2015

PiBoIdMo Day #11: Give Us a Hug!

Okay, I tried to put myself in a child's place as directed by Joe McGee, and what I came up with was how often they're forced to hug people when maybe they don't really want to. "Give us a hug!" we tell them. "What about me? Don't I get a hug?" "Let me give you a great big hug!" We assume it's a treat for them, but maybe it's really a treat for us. Maybe they could take it or leave it. Maybe they'd like to choose who they hug and who they don't.

I managed to write a first draft again, but it's short. (379 words.) And the story itself is a bit thin. It's just about a girl who's forced to hug various relatives at a family reunion until she finally puts her foot down, but I think I eventually need to add another thread to the story. Anyway, it's fine for a first draft for now.

Here's how it currently ends:
“Well,” said her mother. “Goodnight, Alice.”

Her mother began to leave the room!

“Wait!” cried Alice. “Aren’t you going to hug me?”

“Are you sure it’s okay?” asked her mother.

“Of course, it’s okay!” said Alice. “I don’t like hugging Aunt Clara. I don’t like hugging Uncle Portnoy. I don’t like hugging people I don’t know. I do like hugging Aunt Sal. And I like hugging you!”

And so she did.

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